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Who We Are

We are an experienced team of financial consultants for commercial real estate lending and business loan specialists. Our goal is to connect our clients with revolutionary lending solutions allowing you to take advantage of new opportunities while preserving capital. Whether you are looking to invest in an exciting new property or looking to refinance your existing property, our platform allows us to partner with property owners, realtors, commercial loan brokers and most real estate professionals. We have you covered with our network of professionals in areas of commercial real estate and business lending.

We have a network of lenders, attorneys, architects, expeditors, DHCR specialists, and new business startups.

What We Do

We work with more than one hundred top financial institutions and private lenders nationwide to identify the best loans for you. This allows us to compare loan products quickly and identify lending solutions you might not have even considered. We have the in-depth knowledge you need to get financing for your toughest financing challenges. If you have been turned down for funding before, do not be discouraged – we have access to more options than individual banks and lenders.

How We Do It

Our process is simple. We are not a financial institution. Therefore, we are free to work with any bank or private entity. We are not restricted to a single lender; we have a network of lenders. We can help you access diverse types of lending. When you have a smart loan strategy, you can extend your capital and invest in more assets. A smart loan strategy also allows you to preserve your capital and remain liquid. Your business will be better able to withstand a recession or emergency.

Commercial Consultant network

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Talk to us about why you need a loan and how we can help. We take the time to get to know your property and your business thoroughly so we can connect you with a lender that aligns with your vision.

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We analyze all your lending options to find the best loan for your situation, even ones you may have never considered.

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